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.:Third Person POV:.

It had seemed like a regular day to Gilbert, nothing out of the ordinary. He had just gotten home and opened up the closet to put his jacket away-he knew his brother would yell at him if he didn't-when he noticed something strange. An extra coat hung next to what he recognized as his brothers. This would not have been odd normally, his brother often had some of his friends over, but this was different. This was a girl's coat.

"Vhat?" The young man asked himself. Ludwig had never had a girl over before.

Curious, Gilbert stepped quietly to the living room of the house he shared with his younger brother, where light chatter could be heard.

He stopped in the open doorframe to the room, his eyes widening at what he took in.

Ludwig had not only brought a girl home with him, but a pretty one, at that?

"Ah, hello Bruder." His brother greeted from the sofa, taking his eyes off of his (h/c)-haired companion to meet those of his brother.

"Ja, hallo kleinen Bruder. And, who might you be?" Gilbert questioned, turning his attention to the girl with a wink. She seemed taken aback, but answered him nonetheless.

.:Your POV:.
"I'm (y/n), nice to meet you!" You smiled at the (admittedly attractive) pale man, confused at his action, and waved quickly.

"(Y/n), zhis is Gilbert." Ludwig introduced, swooping his hand in the direction of his older brother, before turning his attention back to the textbook that sat next to him on the sofa, in between himself and you. "I invited her over to study, she wanted a further explanation of one of zhe concepts ve're learning. I do hope you don't mind." Ludwig explained.

"You're so frank, Luddy! " You teased, chuckling when icy blue eyes flickered up from the page they were previously focused on to meet your (e/c) ones.

Beginning to blush, Ludwig opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off by Gilbert clearing his throat.

"Alright, I'll be upstairs if you two need anything...try not to need anything, zhough." He smirked, eyes on you again, before turning and walking away, the eventual stop of his loud footsteps alerting you that he was gone.

"Wow, you two are really different." You stated as you turned to your blond friend. "Is he always like that?"

"Ja, most of zhe time. I'm sorry if he is a bother. He has a zhing for pretty girls."

The words were out of his mouth, you could tell, before he could stop them.

"Uh...I-I mean..." Ludwig looked away, panicked, before you laughed.

"Aw, thank you Luddy! I didn't know you thought I was pretty~" You grinned, flustered at his words. After all, he was quite handsome himself, hearing this from him made you feel pretty good about yourself.

"J-Ja...uh, back to studying, (y/n)! Ve need to be prepared!" The usual, focused glint to his eyes reappeared as he said this.

You nodded firmly, pulling your large textbook straight onto your lap, not noticing the blush that still lingered on Ludwig's cheeks.

.: Third Person POV:.

Since vhen does Bruder associate vith pretty girls? Gilbert mused, sitting in his bedroom alone. I mean, really. He totally has a crush on the girl too...zhe vay he looks at her is so sappy, even Francis probably couldn't handle it.

The white-haired male was confused, all he could think of was (y/n) at the moment.

She's your brother's age, Gilbert. One side of his conscience reminded him.

You're not that much older than them! Besides, she was really attractive! The other countered.

You saw the way your brother was with her, he's already head over heels.

He's got to learn sometime that not every girl is the one for him!

Maybe this one is! She seemed sweet.

Exactly, but we want her too, don't we?

It seemed as if there were a tiny devil and an angel sitting on his shoulders, arguing.

Ludwig deserves this! Don't get in the way of your brother.

Go ahead Gilbert, see what you can do.

Gilbert decided to do more inspection before doing anything, and walked out of his room quietly, and in the direction of the stairs.

.:Your POV:.

"Correct!" Ludwig answered you. "Zhat was zhe last question, (y/n). You're a quick learner."

"Well, it's a lot easier to understand you than our boring old professor. I almost fell asleep in the hall today because of his droning!" You complained, pushing the book off your lap and hitting your head back on the large sofa.

When Ludwig didn't reply, you turned your head in his direction, to be greeted by his azure eyes already on you.

You smiled at him, shifting closer.

"How are you so smart, Ludwig? Do you have to study all the time?" You queried.

"Vell, ja, I study a lot. But I also pay attention in class, unlike some people..." He raised a blond eyebrow at you jokingly.

"Of course I pay attention, how dare you? Questioning my honour?" You gasped, feigning shock as you played along.

Ludwig laughed, and you revelled in the sound.

"You know, Luddy, I don't think I've ever heard you laugh before. You should do it more often." You beamed.

Ludwig reddened yet again. "Must you call me zhat, (y/n)?"


"Please stop."

"And what will you do if I don't?" You challenged, lifting your chin.

"You'll just have to see, von't you?" He retorted, surprising you. You had never heard
Ludwig be playful before, where was this coming from?

Probably that brother of his. Was all you could think of, before you realized that your face was a lot closer to Ludwig's than you had thought it was.

You noticed a glint in his eyes that hadn't been there before, but you didn't move away. It almost seemed as if you couldn't, your faces got closer and closer without your control.

Not that you minded, of course.

.:Third Person POV:.

Gilbert had made it down the stairs quietly, only  to find that he could no longer hear the conversing voices of his brother and his "friend". He moved stealthily to the archway he had stood in not even an hour ago, to find an even more surprising scene than the one he had witnessed before, that left an uncomfortable feeling (was that jealousy?) in the pit of his stomach.

Ludwig and (y/n) were in a rather...compromising position, right in front of him.

The (h/c)-haired girl had one hand on the nape of Ludwig's neck and the other was wound into his hair, her eyes closed gently and the traces of a smile on her face as she tilted her mouth further onto his.

The blond male, on the other hand, still seemed stern, but there was a tenderness to his actions that not even (y/n) had expected from him. One hand rested lightly on the girl's cheek, while the other was set at her waist, pulling her side flush to his on the sofa.

Little Ludwig actually got to a girl before I did? Gilbert didn't know how to feel, although, he had already made up his mind on how to act.

"Ahem." Gilbert cleared his throat obnoxiously, trying to grab the young couple's attention.

They pulled apart immediately, flustered. Ludwig looked mortified that his brother had caught him in the midst of something like this, while (y/n) seemed less embarrassed, a sheepish smile on her face as she combed back the hair from in front of her (e/c) eyes.

"U-Uh, Bruder..." Ludwig tried, but trailed off, not knowing where to go.

Gilbert smirked, furrowing his eyebrows amusedly at his brother and his companion, but didn't say anything.

"Maybe it's time for me to go? Yeah." (Y/n) said as she picked up her notes and book, shoving them into her bag. She looked at Ludwig and nodded her head in the direction of the exit. "Walk me to the door?"

"S-Sure." Came his awkward reply.

(Y/n) smiled at Gilbert once more in farewell, and the male simply winked at her again before she brushed past him in the doorway as he had not moved out of the way on purpose.

Ludwig followed the girl's actions, almost tripping as he moved past his brother, still in a bit of a daze.

The blond handed her her coat from out of the closet, and she put it on quickly, slipping on her boots afterwards. Ludwig opened the front door for her and Gilbert heard her chirp out a "Thanks, Luddy!" as she reached up on tiptoe to plant a kiss on his cheek, before walking outside.

Ludwig turned around to face his brother after he had shut the door, being greeted with the older male's usual predatory grin.

"Vell, isn't she a feisty one? I like her." Ludwig's expression hardened at his brother's words.

"Bruder, don't even think about it."

Gilbert simply raised his hands as if to show his innocence, but didn't change his expression.

Ludwig glared as he walked past him once more, back to the living room to collect his notes.

His older brother chuckled as he stepped back over to the stairs, lost in though.

(Y/n) vill be mine soon enough, anyways.
This was a request for :iconmellowhipster:  so yes yes here it is! It took me way too long to write it. I hope you enjoy! (I hope it's to your liking, Germany got more romantic attention but Prussia's still got his whole thing soooo yeah)

ahHHHH I hope it's good I kind of like this one


more people should request stuff! yes. do it.

Germany and Prussia (c) Hidekazu Himaruya
You (c) Germany? Prussia? You? Who knows.
Story (c) Me!
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