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You sat alone in the so called "living room" of Roderich's mansion. It was really a huge place in the centre of the first floor with large arches and pillars supporting the at least 20 foot high ceilings, but your boyfriend liked to call it the living room because it was where the (also large) television was kept. Your legs were thrown over the back of the loveseat you were sprawled on, and your head hung slightly over the edge of it as you waited for Roderich to return from the kitchen with the tea he had gone to fetch a few moments ago.

"(y/n)! You shouldn't sit like that, it's not ladylike!" Your Austrian boyfriend huffed as he appeared in the large doorway that he had left through a few minutes ago.

"Meh." You replied, used to his occasional chastising about how something you did wasn't proper.

He sighed at you as he sat down next to you, placing the silver tray on which he carried the tea onto the small table in front of you. He eyed your plain t-shirt and jeans, his eyebrows furrowing rather judgingly, yet he simply cast his glance downwards, not saying anything else.

Sensing his slightly sour mood, you turned yourself around so that you sat properly on the loveseat.

"What's the matter?" You questioned, poking his shoulder.

"Nothing, nothing at all!" He answered, looking up at you and speaking too excitedly to be telling the truth.

"Right. Seriously though Roddy, you can tell me!" You exclaimed, scooting closer to him and resting your head on his shoulder. Blushing a bit, he sighed again and looked at you out of the corner of his eyes.

", vhy do you not vear any of zhe dresses you have around? Zhey are much nicer zhan zhose...casual zhings you vear normally." He mumbled, looking slightly hurt that you never wore the elaborate clothing that had piled up over the years in your closet, which were seemingly more acceptable in his household than your modern attire.

"Oh, sweetie..." You lifted your head and looked into his drooping amethyst eyes, trying not laugh at his cute expression. "It's the twenty-first century, women aren't expected to wear their fancy gowns everywhere! Besides, these jeans are way more comfortable." You finished, gesturing to your denim-clad legs.

"But, you never vear your nice gowns!" He almost whined, a slight pout on his lips. You couldn't believe he was actually upset over something of this manner. You had never seen him act this...childish before, and it was adorable. "I haven't seen you vear vone of zhem vonce."

"Fine, fine! If it means that much to you, I'll go put one on right now. Okay?" You exclaimed slowly, giving in to the face he was making.

"Okay!" He said animatedly, his eyes brightening right away, excited at the prospect of finally seeing you in one of the elaborate gowns.

You stood, sending him a playful glare before exiting.

Honestly... You mused, walking towards the twirling staircase that lead to your bedroom.


You had decided to try on a "simple" navy gown that Roderich had gotten for you a few years ago. It was a bit far from simple, really, but as it was one of the dresses that had the least embellishments on it, you chose it quickly.

Hopefully it fits... you thought worriedly.

Thankfully it did, although it took a while for you to find your way into it. You couldn't tighten the corset and could only reach up to the third last button from the top keeping it closed at the back, so you asked a passing maid to help. She tightened the corset rather loosely, as per your request, and did up the last of the buttons quickly.

"Thanks!" You chirped as she left the room, before you turned to look at yourself in the floor length mirror behind you.

Whoa. You thought. Not bad!

It was a bit too fancy for your liking, but the gown looked a lot better on you than you thought it would. The corset tightened it slightly at your waist, and at your hips it puffed out a bit due the few layers of tulle underneath the top layer of fabric. All in all, it flattered your shape nicely. The sleeves stopped just at your elbows, with about half an inch of cream-coloured lace jutting out at the end, as well as around the neckline. Smiling, you spun on your heel towards the doorway, walking back towards the staircase.


"Are you happy now, Roddy?" You smirked as he looked up to see you standing in the archway, his eyes widening.

"Oh, (y/n)! You look so...fancy!" He smiled widely, jumping up to walk over to you, fussing over the dress like a mother would.

"Yeah, know, you could have asked me to try one of these on before, I wouldn't have minded." You said, as his eyes wandered over your frame.

He mumbled something incoherent out, too occupied with flitting around you and the gown you wore to fully pay attention to what you said. Suddenly, you got an idea.

"You know, Roddy? There's just one little problem about this dress." You sighed, feigning an innocent tone.

"And vhat vould zhat be?" He questioned as you laid a finger under his pale chin, pushing his head up so that he was finally looking up to your (e/c) eyes. He seemed confused as to how there could be anything wrong with something so extravagant.

"It's so hard to get off by myself. Would you mind helping me?" You held in a chuckle as his face turned a deep shade of red, offsetting his porcelain skin.

"(y-y/n)!)" He spluttered out, catching on to what you were insinuating.

Letting out a laugh, you leaned over and kissed his cheek quickly, before leaving him in the grand room alone, a blushing mess.

Who really cares about being ladylike?
So yeah um I guess you could kind of maybe sort of (not really) consider this a sequel to my other story!…

There were a few of you that wanted reader-chan to have her revenge, so I guess you could consider this it? (This one is a bit suggestive as well but I'm not going to flag it as mature content right now)

I'm thinking of maybe doing a Prussia x Reader next? Thoughts?


Austria (c) Hidekazu Himaruya!
You (c) Austria!
Story (c) Me!
Picture (c)…

P.S. The preview pic is probably my favourite Austria fanart ever, look at how stuffy he is awwwwwwww :)

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Austria is sa kyat.
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If you rephrased that you would get a whole 'nother definition... APH England: /shot APH England: Scared England (Makes fun of) [V3] England (Evil) [V3]  (May these Englands make up for me not finding England doing the eyebrow waggle thing :-:)
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I'm glad you liked it!
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Austria you'd fit in come to my school. The dress code is so strict.
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same here. if one piece of the uniform is wrong, I get lectured and/or sent home D:
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Oh my gosh, same! I'm just like, times have changed mom. I promise no one will care that I don't sit up board straight all the time :p 
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heh yeah mine moms always like, you need to eat like a lady, what would happen if you eat like this when your on a date? and I just say, doesn't matter cuz im going on any dates anytime soon or ever sooooo it no matter!
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Personally, as casual as I am, in somebody's company like Austria's, I would've been super lady-like. I have this weird thing about impressing every person I meet.
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"Rebecca! You shouldn't sit like that, it's not ladylike!"
BEST. REPLY. EVAR. :iconepicclapplz:
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Haha, thank you! I try CaramellDansen Emote 
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