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August 23, 2013
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You awoke to the sound of beautiful piano music floating through the halls of the mansion. Turning your body to look at the alarm clock that was placed on the bedside table on the other side of your rumpled bed, you sighed at the time.


7:30 in the morning...on a Saturday... you mused, slightly annoyed that you had been awoken so early on a weekend, yet calmed a bit by the fact that it was to the wonderful music that you heard. Since you knew that there was no point in trying to go back to sleep as you would only be distracted by Roderich's piano playing, you went to brush your teeth, deciding to leave your pajamas on for a while.


A few minutes later you were walking down the hallways of the estate on your way to get some breakfast, the sound of the piano growing louder as you drew closer to Roderich's (ridiculously large, you found) music room. You finally walked past it, stopping at the door, which was slightly ajar, to watch your boyfriend play. He was, as usual, so engrossed in the music that he didn't realize your presence only a few metres away. Smiling as you saw the odd curl at the front of his head swaying with the music he tapped out onto the keys, you continued on your way to the kitchen.




You skipped around the kitchen from the refrigerator to the cupboards to the stove and back, occasionally receiving an odd look or a small smile from the few maids who passed by the doorway. It wasn't often that you would make breakfast, as you tried to comply with Roderich's request to "let zhe hired help do their jobs, zhey're here to do things like zhis for you." The housekeeping staff usually prepared all meals for the two of you, but you did enjoy cooking, so you took any chance you could get. And, an empty kitchen early on a Saturday morning was the perfect opportunity in your eyes.


Sliding over to another cupboard you opened the door trying to reach the waffle press on top of the cabinet itself, only to realize that you couldn't reach it.


"Just...a little bit...further...!" you encouraged yourself, jumping up as you tried to get it down.


"Vould you like some help with that, (y/n)?" A familiar and sarcastic voice asked, as a dark-sleeved arm reached up past you to grab the item with ease, placing it onto the counter. You hadn't realized that the music had stopped.


"Thanks, Roddy~!" You chirped as you turned around, your sheepish (e/c) eyes meeting his stern amethyst ones.


"(y/n)..." He sighed, looking down at you with an eyebrow raised, "How many times do I have to tell you to just let zhe cooks do zheir job?"


"Well...I wanted to cook something today! I haven't made you anything in such a long time, so..." You pouted, trying to convince him into letting you finish.


Looking at your pleading face he sighed once again, knowing he couldn't say no to it. "Er...vell...fine. Just try not to make a mess, okay?"


"Yay! Thanks sweetie~!" You exclaimed, standing on your toes to kiss his cheek, pulling away to see the proper man's cheeks heating up. "Aw you're so cute Roderich, we've been together for almost three years and you still blush whenever I kiss you!" You teased, making his blush even deeper.


"V-Vhatever..." he trailed off, pushing the topic aside as he moved to the set table, trying to reduce the flaming of his cheeks as he went.


You smirked at his retreating form and turned around to pour the batter you had previously made into the press.


Soon enough he was back, leaning against the counter watching you work. Humming as you waited for the first waffle to be done, you looked up to see his eyes on you.


"Like what you see? I do like this outfit on me." You chuckled and smiled, gesturing to your pajamas, making him blush again.


Trying and failing to stutter out a reply, he decided to switch his attention to the ground as he didn't know where to look. Laughing, you walked up to him, putting your hands on his shoulders and standing on your toes to kiss the beauty mark situated beneath his lips, causing him to stiffen and gasp as he attempted to compose himself.


"(y-y/n)! H-how many t-times do I have to tell you to stop doing zhat?! Zhere are people around too!" He spluttered out as he gestured to the empty doorway that the housekeepers had passed by earlier, his face growing even more red than before.


"Now now Roddy, you know I'll never stop!" You proclaimed, throwing your arms around your boyfriend's neck and pulling his lips to yours, feeling his glasses slide down from their perch on the bridge of his nose.


Just as Roderich decided to kiss you back, a ding! rang through the kitchen. You pulled away from him and grinned when he huffed in defeat and pushed his glasses back up to where they belonged, crossing his arms over his slim torso. Blowing him a kiss, you twirled back over to the counter where the waffle press was.




Putting the last waffle onto the serving tray you smiled to yourself, happy that you were able to cook for once.


"Done!" You exclaimed, turning your head slightly to give Roderich a grin, only to find that he was no longer there. "Roddy? Roderich? Where did y-oh!" You queried, only to be cut off as someone spun you around and pinned you to the counter.


"Oh there you are Roderich! I wondered where you went..." You trailed off as you looked up to see his blush completely gone, a glint that you couldn't place in his darkened eyes. Confused, and getting no reaction from him, you continued. "Hello~? Roddy? Are you okay?" He ignored your questions and simply continued to gaze heatedly into your (e/c) orbs.


He smirked at you, his face very close to yours, and he opened his mouth to speak. "You know, to answer your question from before, schatz, I do like vhat I see..."


"Oh, um, thank you Roddy!" You replied, happy for the compliment but very confused by his actions as he still had you pressed tightly against the counter.


"Meine liebe, you didn't let me finish. I like vhat I see, and as great as you look in your clothes, I know a place vhere zhey vould look better~" He said as he moved his mouth closer to your ear.


"Uh...where would that be?" You asked, swallowing loudly, any idea of where this conversation was going long gone from your mind.


Placing a kiss just under your jaw, he moved his lips to your ear. "Zhe floor." He said simply, and pulled back from your ear quickly to press his lips to yours, making your eyes widen in shock and a blush spread madly on your cheeks. Did he get that from Gilbert or something? He had never been this forward before, and you were pretty sure that this was the first time he had used a pickup line in his entire life.


"W-What?! R-Roderich?!" You stuttered after he pulled away, trying to find a proper response to his words and behaviour.


He laughed and gave you a smug look before kissing your cheek and picking up the plate of waffles behind you as he spun around to go and put them on the table, leaving you a blushing mess.


"Who's flustered now?"

Um yeah so I wrote a kinda sucks and it's really rushed but oh well~~

(It's kind of sort of suggestive I guess but nothing happens so I'm not going to put it under mature content)

I wrote this a long time ago so yeah hopefully my writing's gotten better...we'll hope for the next story!


Austria (c) Hidekazu Himaruya!
You (c) Austria!
Story (c) Me!

Okaybye my lovelies!
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